Shared Mobility

You can earn easily by purchasing one of our shared bikes, scooters, electric bikes or delivery robots and renting them effortlessly to the end user.

Shared Mobility Marketplace

You can earn quick income by renting your shared bike, scooter, electric bike or delivery robot to the end user effortlessly.

How it works?

Bizero brings together vehicle owners and renters.

Choose your vehicle

You can buy any vehicle you want through the Bizero website.


Start renting within 24 hours after purchase


Bizero carries out the entire operation, and every month the rental payment is deposited into the bank account under the guarantee of Bizero.
invest done4

Investment Completed

You can physically return your vehicle or sell it to someone else whenever you want.












In the marketplace concept, our vehicle owners can earn rental income without dealing with operations..The contract continues until the vehicle is returned.


Partnership with Bizero

Birlikten kuvvet doğar!

We invite local governments, university and company campuses, and sites to become stakeholders in environmentally friendly transportation.

Bizero offers brands advertising placement on our stations and bikes; It gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to manage their own fleet and investors a fixed monthly income.


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Frequently Asked Questions

1Who is responsible when the products are subject to legal sanctions or are involved in an accident?
With the approved contract, all responsibility belongs to the tenant.
2Is the contract signed? How is it signed?
When ordering our products, you confirm the sales contract. Subsequently, you confirm the rental agreement with the tenant online via e-mail that will be sent within 24 hours. You can access our agreements here.Our contracts comply with international law.
3Who is responsible for the maintenance and operation of the products?
Since micromobility management is a difficult field that requires experience, all maintenance, operations, spare parts and renewal operations are carried out by us during the contract period.
4What happens if the product is stolen?
Your product is insured against theft during the contract period.
5Are the mentioned incomes guaranteed incomes?
Income is guaranteed by Bizero and continues as long as the contract continues.
6Do you buy back products when we want to sell them?
For products that have not been rented/used, you can cancel your transaction within 15 days, which is the legal right of withdrawal, and request a refund via e-mail. Apart from this, you can sell your vehicle/product whenever you want, to anyone you want, at any price you want, during the contract period. Bizero/Seller does not directly purchase the product back and pay no fee. However, from time to time, sales are closed and requests are directed, allowing vehicle owners to exit through sales.
7Where do we find out our rental income?
Rental income is equal and fixed for everyone, for every vehicle. You can access it via our website.
8How can we withdraw our income?
Rental income will be sent to the bank or Paypal address you specified within 7 business days at the latest. There is no extra fee for shipping.
9Is the vehicle refundable?
When the tenant or vehicle owner ends the contract, the vehicle is returned physically.